·        ”This is a government that has clearly identified the goals we want and what we seek, which is to make Mexican society continue to advance and take steps forward,” he said.

·        ”We have decided to break down barriers, change the inertia that hindered the development of our country, and we are moving forward,” he declared.

·         “In Tamaulipas, significant progress has been made in security, a sensitive issue for the state,” he stated.

During the inauguration of Regional General Hospital 270 of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) and Tampico General Hospital, President Enrique Peña Nieto said today that in the government, “We have energy, determination, and above all clarity of purpose.”

The president stressed that, “The world is experiencing a very difficult, turbulent time of great uncertainty in economic matters, but this is a government that has clearly identified the goals we want and what we seek, which is to ensure that Mexican society continues to advance and take steps forward,” and to continue building a better future for the present and future generations.

He noted that his government, “Has decided to break down barriers, eliminate obstacles, change the inertia that hindered the development of our country, and we’re moving forward.”

“We have said that the reforms give us a new basis, a new platform and we are at the stage of implementing and consolidating their benefits. We are developing more infrastructure in health, which we are now setting in operation and inaugurating, and in many other areas that raise the wellbeing and competitiveness we wish to have as a country,” he added.

President Peña Nieto said, “The highest priority for a government is to ensure the health of its population, and this is how we have been working: upgrading services we already had or the infrastructure the country already had, and expanding and building new infrastructure to serve more Mexicans.”

He said that the investments made by the government in this area in the past three years, including those in the central sector, the IMSS and ISSSTE, amount to over 34 billion pesos, which has permitted the construction of 2,800 outpatient units and nearly 590 hospital units.

He noted that the opening of two hospitals today will provide better medical service for local residents, “The government thereby proves its commitment to Mexican families’ health.”

He also reported that the health sector has released a digital application called RadarCISalud, available at no cost in cell phones, which allows people to know where there is a nearby hospital, whether it is affiliated to the Ministry of Health, ISSSTE, IMSS, or any other institution.

The president highlighted the government’s willingness to join forces with local governments, “To look beyond party affiliations.” The one thing I am clear about, he continued, “Is that I do not only serve a few people, or only those who agree with my way of thinking or the party to which I belong but I govern for all Mexicans.”

“With that willingness and the same will with which we have been working with all orders of government, seeking to involve the work and obligation and responsibility of each order of government,” he explained.

The president said that in the area of security in Tamaulipas, a sensitive issue for the state, significant progress has been made:

·        In the first 11 months of 2012, there were 952 homicides. From January to November 2015, there were 500, a decrease of almost 50 percent.

·        During the same period in 2012, there were 7,136 robberies with violence; whereas in 2015, there were 5307, a decrease of nearly 26 percent.

·        During the same period in 2012, there were 5,370 vehicle thefts; during that period in 2015, there were 3,703, a decrease of 31 percent. 

·        During that period in 2012, there were 133 highway robberies, whereas in 2015, there were 48, a decrease of 63 percent.

President Peña Nieto said that the government is, “Designing better policies, focusing efforts where we now have deficiencies and it is necessary to advance to achieve what we want: a better nation, a better country for the benefit of society.”

“This effort calls for the work of all levels of government and a collective, joint effort, which will enable us to really achieve the nation we all want,”  he said.


José Antonio González Anaya, IMSS Director General,  reported that over a billion pesos were invested in Hospital 270, one of the finest in the region, as it has equipment  with modern, state of the art technology to perform all kinds of medical functions such as scans, mammograms and resonances.

It is, he said, “A long-awaited hospital,” and “one that is greatly appreciated, since due to the growth of the manufacturing industry and even the medical and aerospace industries, the face of the city has changed greatly, to the extent that Reynosa how has about 900,000 inhabitants.

“This reveals the obvious, urgent need for a decent, new modern hospital, like the one being delivered today by the president,” he explained.

He explained that the hospital will have 27 specialties to serve the entire population, including cardiology, neurology and gynecology, thereby preventing the need for transfers to other hospitals, especially Monterrey Hospital.

But, he said, perhaps most importantly, the IMSS is working to ensure that Regional General Hospital 270 and Tampico General Hospital “work as a single hospital with two locations, creating one of the most modern medical complexes and more than doubling the services offered in the region.”

Thus, he said, together, the two hospitals will increase capacity from 160 beds to 390; from six operating theaters to 15; and from eight chemotherapy chairs to 14.

At the same time, he said, “Hemodialysis capacity will double, from 19 to 37, which will make it possible to provide medical care with quality and warmth to more than half a million people throughout this region and in the municipalities of Mante, Victoria and Camargo, who previously did not have these specialties or this quality of services nearby.”


Governor of Tamaulipas Egidio Torre Cantú thanked the government for the delivery of the IMSS Regional General Hospital 270 and Tampico General Hospital, both inaugurated today, adding that President Enrique Peña Nieto has thereby once again proved his interest in the welfare of Tamaulipas  families, and that, “He always fulfills his promises through actions and results.”

“Today, Mr. President, Tamaulipas residents thank you again for the great support you have always given us. We are deeply grateful to the government you lead, with a state vision and strong leadership,” he told the president.

He declared that both hospitals, which he described as splendid public works,, have a high social content, adding that, “They reinforce health infrastructure.”

He pointed out that the IMSS Regional General Hospital 270 will benefit half a million residents in Reynosa and the surrounding municipalities, while Tampico General Hospital will serve over 700,000 people in that city and the neighboring municipalities of San Luis Potosí, Veracruz and Hidalgo.

He recalled that the opening of these two hospitals, and the construction of another two in Matamoros and Ciudad Madero, currently under construction and scheduled for completion this year, will fulfill one of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s commitments.

Torre Cantú said that, “In Tamaulipas, we work together to make the right to health a reality,” adding that to this end, infrastructure in the sector has been significantly consolidated.

He declared that the state ranks first nationally in prevention and health promotion programs. Moreover, coverage was expanded, 30 percent more medical services are taken to remote communities, and secondary and tertiary telehealth care actions have been implemented.

President Pena Nieto’s administration has shown interest in the Mexican population’s right to health: ELOÍSA NÚÑEZ JUÁREZ

On behalf of her colleagues, Eloisa Juárez Núñez, a nurse at the IMSS’s Regional General Hospital 270, thanked President Enrique Peña Nieto for his interest in the Mexican population’s right to health. She also told the president: “Your mission is ours and not only involves our everyday work. We will continue to fight to provide comprehensive care to the insured population, with quality, timeliness and lofty human values.”

We are here, she continued, to ensure that the Mexican Social Security Institute remains the best institution in the country and that the Mexican people continue to enjoy social security.  “Today, many years after I graduated from the Ciudad Mante School of Nursing, I am proud to be part of an Institute that ensures the health of Tamaulipas beneficiaries,” she said.