·        They agreed to work together on behalf of Mexico’s higher education, scientific research and innovation.

·        The president expressed his government’s interest in expanding higher education coverage.

·        At Los Pinos, the president congratulated the dean on his appointment.


At the official residence of Los Pinos, President Enrique Peña Nieto met today with Dean of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Enrique Graue Wiechers, whom he congratulated on his appointment by the university Board of Governors to direct the highest seat of learning in Mexico.

During the meeting, the president and the dean of UNAM agreed to work together for higher education, scientific research and innovation in Mexico.

The president told the dean of the government’s absolute respect for the university’s autonomy and expressed his interest in working together on behalf of the University.

The president also stressed his government’s determination to boost higher education through the expansion of coverage and the use of new technologies.

President Peña Nieto also told the UNAM dean of the government’s interest in bringing the country’s higher education programs into line with the new realities Mexico is experiencing.

He also expressed his willingness to promote the strengthening of the links between UNAM and government institutions, so that, together, they would find the best solutions to national challenges.

President Peña Nieto acknowledged the contributions of UNAM to the development of scientific research, higher education and the promotion of culture in Mexico, which has earned it international recognition.