· The president instructed the SEP to make the fate of the resources to be invested in education infrastructure fully transparent on its website.

· Education Reform is the most important reform, which will allow us to train current and future generations better. It will make Mexico a much greater, better trained and competitive country, he declared.

· It is not designed to affect or harm teachers, but rather to provide them with greater opportunities to grow within the teaching profession, he explained.

· Children are the heart of schools, he said.

· The president visited the Rodolfo Menéndez Elementary School, in the Historic Center of Mexico City.

President Enrique Peña Nieto, announced today that during the rest of the administration, in addition to the budget approved by the Chamber of Deputies for educational infrastructure, it will be possible to obtain, “Additional resources through the participation in the Mexican Stock Exchange of those who purchase educational bonds, totaling 50 billion pesos,” through National Educational Infrastructure Certificates (CIEN).

He said that last Friday, the first bonds were issued on the stock market, “And were in great demand, as a result of which 8.5 billion pesos were obtained,” which will immediately be used to provide better infrastructure for the children in our country.

During his visit to the Rodolfo Menéndez Elementary School, in the Historic Center of Mexico City, the president said that in 2015, funds were allocated to nearly 2,500 schools "Next year, 13,900 schools will be assigned resources to improve their infrastructure.” He added that just in the school he visited today, “Nearly two and a half million pesos will immediately be assigned to rehabilitating it.”

“The aim is to have schools in decent conditions,” he explained. In order words, he added, “They must be in optimal condition, with good classrooms, desks, blackboards and educational material.”

President Peña Nieto said that he has instructed the Minister of Education to establish a mechanism in the ministry’s portal, “To ensure that this nationwide process of rehabilitation and modernization of schools and infrastructure is transparent and open.”

”On the website, the public will be able to find out how much is being assigned to each school of the thousands of schools to which we will allocate funds. There will be full transparency and openness as regards the use of the resources to be invested in educational infrastructure,” he added.

The president said that all these actions are for the benefit of the children of Mexico, who, “Are the heart of schools. There is also another part that makes this heart work, namely teachers, and we want them to be properly trained.”

He recalled that Education Reform is, “The most important reform, which will allow us to train current and future generations better to make Mexico a much larger, better prepared, competitive country, that will afford society greater opportunities for personal fulfillment.”

He said: We've said this time and time again: Education reform is not intended to affect or harm teachers, but to provide them with greater opportunities to grow within the teaching profession and improve their professional performance on the basis their merits, to show their skills and talent, which is measurable, and for this to benefit the children of Mexico.”

He said no-one has failed to notice that there has been resistance, but, “It was essential to break with something that was distorting the need for better qualified teachers.”

He added that it is necessary to ensure that those who perform as school teachers in Mexico, “Really are suitable, trained and keep abreast of the latest developments." He explained that teachers who do not pass their exams, “Will have the opportunity to take refresher courses, take training courses and prepare to retake the exams and to prove that they are in a position to perform as teachers within the National Education System.”

The president said that teacher evaluation is done to ensure that, “Teachers at the chalk face really are properly prepared and trained, and undergo continuous training throughout their teaching careers.”

President Peña Nieto welcomed the action of the parents who accompany the process of improving schools, within the framework of the spaces for participation opened up by Education Reform.  “Because schools now receive funds, and education authorities and parents jointly define and decide what they will invest in order for that investment to achieve the greatest benefits for the children at each school.”


Secretary of Public Education Aurelio Nuño Mayer said that "Rodolfo Menéndez" Elementary School is becoming in many respects a model of what the president has proposed as the center of the country's transformation, namely Education Reform.

He said that, “It has a head teacher who secured his position through a competitive exam and has four teachers who secured their positions in the same way.” In addition, it will be a full-time school and belong to the 100% Schools Program.

He told President Peña Nieto: "This transformation, involving assessment and parents’ participation as part of the new school model we wish to have, in addition to the full-time schools and 100% Schools Program, is proof of the transformation you have instructed us to implement throughout the education system, as a result of the Reform,” he said.


Rodolfo Menéndez Elementary School Head Teacher Silvestre Meneses Chávez told President Peña Nieto that the educational community of this school as well as the vast majority of communities in other schools in the country are his allies in the crucial educational reform, “You have promoted, which has already proved its advantages and will provide many more,” in order to contribute to Mexico’s development.

"We know that the new tasks in education pose a great challenge and that their implementation therefore involves a high level of complexity,”  he said, after pointing out that he and four of the teachers at the school are a direct result of Education Reform, since they obtained their position through various evaluations in the Professional Teaching Service, “Which lends support and credibility to all these processes, which, as you said, are here to stay.”

He said that the president’s visit to the "Rodolfo Menéndez" School, where personalities such as Jaime Torres Bodet studied,  will encourage students to study more eagerly and with more enthusiasm in order to prepare for the quest for a most promising future and improve their living conditions.”

Moreover, they will have, “Extremely useful elements and tools for education that the government has provided for schools as well as better trained teachers,” he said.


 Luz Maria Cuervo Orellán, Deputy Head at the "Rodolfo Meneses" Elementary School thanked President Enrique Peña Nieto for the boost he has given Education Reform, whose benefits include catapulting the country into the future to provide better education for children and young people.

She said that performance evaluation is the best option, "To discover our strengths and weaknesses as teachers, and enable us to keep training and learning; which is why I say that these areas of opportunity are wonderful.”

She said that in her case, when she underwent the evaluation, “She understood the reason for Education Reform.”

She told President Enrique Peña Nieto, “We will therefore continue to support it and continue to do so according to our abilities and by all the means I have seen to achieve this: science, technology, pedagogy, so that we are better.”

She told the president that this is the first time, “That someone who represents our country has set foot in this school and it is a great privilege. Your presence in this school is great encouragement for those of us who work in this small school community.”