Cajeme, Sonora

• The president inaugurated the expansion and modernization of the Navojoa-Ciudad Obregon and Hermosillo-Santa Ana stretches of the Estación Don-Nogales highway, which form part of the main highway axis in the state of Sonora.

• This new infrastructure is designed to increase the competitiveness of our country, he explained.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said today that, “When there is unity among Mexicans, when we are really united in a single front, we create a positive, transformative force for Mexico.”

During the inauguration of the expansion and modernization of the Navojoa-Ciudad Obregón and Hermosillo-Santa Ana stretches of the Estación Don-Nogales highway, the president stressed that his government wants, “To be part of the engine that promotes unity among Mexicans, above all, a positive, transformative unity for the good of Mexico.”

President Peña Nieto declared that since the beginning of this Administration, the government has decided to, “Make the greatest contribution to the development of our country. In the various parts of the country, there are different challenges and specific problems, but as a country, we are very clear where we want to go.”

In his first visit to Sonora during the current state administration, the president told Governor Claudia Pavlovich, “You will always have your government and the entire Federal Government as an ally to support you in meeting the commitments you have made to the citizens of Sonora.”

The government is committed to accompanying the efforts of the government that has only just begun, led by Governor Pavlovich. It will work to harmonize its efforts and continue to promote the development of the state of Sonora,” he said.

He said that this, "Is the government’s work ethic: synchronize and harmonize efforts with the states, with the various governments of the various states in our country. Regardless of the party they belong to, the important thing is to work as a team, by combining our efforts, finding clearly identified, defined objectives and focusing our efforts so that great works can be achieved and materialized for the benefit of the population we serve.”

The president recalled that the public works inaugurated today are part of the most important highway axis running through the state of Sonora, with a length of 652 kilometers.

He also announced that construction and expansion of over 200 kilometers of the Estación Don-Nogales highway is underway and scheduled for delivery next year, with another 250 kilometers to be completed in 2017. With these two additions, this administration will deliver this public work fully completed.

The president declared that the National Development Plan has established a commitment to build 52 new highways, with over three thousand kilometers. Of these highways, he continued, “17 of these, with a combined length of over one thousand kilometers, have already been delivered and now form part of our country’s highway infrastructure.”

The president declared that this new infrastructure is designed to increase the competitiveness of our country. He noted that Mexico has moved up four positions in the report measuring the competitiveness of 190 countries, and that, “This is due to the structural changes we have made, but also to the infrastructure being developed in various states.”

He stressed that in communications, “In the government, we are very clear where we want to get in this Administration. We are working to implement efforts to boost the country's competitiveness.

He added that, “Behind each of these works we are inaugurating, behind every job done for the construction of roads, highways anywhere in the country, there is labor, there are jobs that are being created, there are economic benefits impacting the different regions in the country.”

Therefore, he added, it is no coincidence that Mexico’s current employment levels are the highest to have been achieved in the past five governments just three years into this administration.