• The president hailed the fact that the OAS has joined the Open Government Partnership.

• President Peña Nieto expressed his support for the priority projects promoted by Secretary Almagro to strengthen the role of the OAS.

Earlier today, at the National Palace, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto received Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) Luis Almagro, who recognized Mexico’s importance and contribution to this regional organization.

The president confirmed Mexico’s commitment to the revitalization and strengthening of the OAS, and expressed his confidence that Almagro’s leadership would be essential to repositioning it to cope with the new challenges facing the hemisphere, while promoting dialogue, reconciliation and peaceful conflict solution at all times.

He said that for Mexico, it is of the utmost importance that the Organization has joined the Open Government Partnership, which promotes transparency, accountability and citizen participation.

Almagro hailed Mexico’s role as OGP chair in promoting a rapprochement between citizens and authorities for the design and evaluation of public policies.

President Peña Nieto expressed his support for the priority projects, under the heading: “More rights for more people,” promoted by Secretary Almagro to encourage inclusive, equitable development in the region.

He said that the Government School initiative will contribute to strengthening democracy in the region and coincides with Mexico’s reforms to ensure transparency and fighting corruption.

As for the System of Prevention and Primary Care in the Event of Disasters, the President said that this is an issue on which Mexico places particular importance, since our country is exposed to a wide range of contingencies, such as the one that occurred a few days ago with Hurricane Patricia.

President Peña Nieto also supported the Inter-American Education System promoted by Secretary General Almagro. He said that education is a matter of the highest priority, as shown by Education Reform, which seeks to provide tools for our population to cope with challenges and seize new opportunities for development.

He said that the Regional System for the Prevention of Social Conflicts will be of great importance. In Mexico, he said, “We have implemented consultation and dialogue schemes with communities to develop projects that promote their inclusion in development.”

President Peña Nieto also supported the interconnectivity initiative in the Caribbean. In this regard, he said that it is a priority for Mexico to support its sister nations in the Caribbean to overcome the digital, river and air connectivity gaps they face.

He added that the Mexican State has an inescapable commitment to the protection and promotion of human rights, as borne out by the efforts made in recent years to strengthen their legal and institutional framework as well as the openness to seek technical assistance from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

Finally, they both agreed on the importance of advancing and consolidating democratic conditions in the hemisphere.