Massieu will be responsible for handling institutional relations with the public, political, social and private sectors and maintaining communication with Federal Public Administration offices and agencies to monitor and implement the president’s agreements and instructions.

This is a result of the Presidential Decree published today in the Official Gazette, amending, supplementing or repealing certain provisions of the President’s Office Regulations The amendments implemented on the President’s instructions consist essentially of the following:

• The President’s Advisors’ Office has been incorporated as a technical support unit for the Head of the President’s Office. The Sub headquarters of the President’s Office replaces the previous General Coordination Office of the President’s Office, while the Public Opinion, National Digital Strategy and Country Brand and International Media Offices will remain.

• The newly-created General Policy and Government Office will report directly to the President. It comprises the Technical Secretariat of the Cabinet, the Institutional Liaison Office and the Science, Technology and Innovation Office.

• The Presidential Chronicle Office will be attached to the General Social Communication and Spokesmanship Office of the Government.

These amendments will have no budgetary impact since they involve the internal reorganization of existing units, allowing greater effectiveness and efficiency in the functioning of the President’s Office.

During this administration, Massieu Fernández has served as Coordinator of Government Strategy and Messages, and General Coordinator of the President’s Office.