International actions for Gender Equality have their roots in Mexico, where the First Conference on Women was held in 1975, which provided international channels in favor of equality.

Forty years later, gender equity was incorporated as a guiding principle for the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. The struggle for substantive equality between men and women is therefore a cause for all mankind.

Consistent with this view, Mexico launched a political reform as a result of which the House of Representatives now comprises 42% women. In addition, three substantial measures will be promoted in this respect:

1. Secretaries of state will spearhead the National System for Equality between Women and Men.

2. Promote greater joint responsibility being women and men to improve the distribution of the workload at home.

3. Intensify actions to prevent teenage pregnancy and maternal mortality.
Women’s empowerment enriches and gives strength to our actions in favor of the major causes of mankind.