• This administration will see the construction of 52 new highways and more than three thousand kilometers of new roads to make Mexico a more competitive and productive country, he said.

• So far this year, 833,000 vehicles have been sold in our country, in other words, 34 percent more than the number sold during the same period in 2012, he said.

• Domestic consumption is rising, which supports the dynamism of our economy, he declared.

• The president inaugurated the Salamanca-León highway.

President Enrique Peña Nieto declared today that unity of purpose and the desire to continue building a better Mexico require the various orders of government, “To work together and converge in our efforts and make them much more effective and achieve their mission of ensuring welfare for Mexican families.”

During his inauguration of the Salamanca-León highway in the state of Guanajuato, the president declared that, beyond governments’ partisan origin, “We have clarity of vision and unity of purpose.”

He added that together with the governor of Guanajuato, "We are working for the same society. We have unity of purpose: beyond party differences, we really want Mexico to do very well.”

President Peña Nieto said that the government has drawn up an extremely ambitious infrastructure plan. “In terms of highways alone, we hope to build 52 by the end of this administration. Several of them have already been completed, such as the one we are delivering today,” he added.

He said that this infrastructure plan, “Involves the construction of over three thousand kilometers of new roads. This does not include the kilometers of federal highways that are being modernized or expanded. I just mean the 52 highways that have been built throughout the country to improve communication between the different regions in the country, and especially to make Mexico a more competitive and productive nation."

He declared that, “The fact that we are more competitive and productive means we will be a much more reliable country for investment.”

"The infrastructure works we are delivering clearly project signs of confidence,” he said.

The president noted that in the international economic scenario, in which uncertain scenarios are often projected, “Mexico continues to project confidence to the world. So much so that every day more investments come to our country,” he added.

He recalled that in his Third State of the Union Address, he announced that during this Administration, Mexico has received investment of over $80 billion dollars, “A higher figure than that recorded in the same period during the previous administration.”

“This is due to being consistent and consistent with what we're promoting,” he declared. "In the end, it is trust which allows one to continue to attract more investments that are productive and create more jobs in different regions, and also to open up more opportunities for development, wellness and personal fulfillment for each Mexican,” he said.

The president stressed the importance of the fact that trust remains the main currency for projecting our nation to ourselves and the world.
President Peña Nieto said that, "Mexico has already become the seventh largest producer of automobiles in the world; the country went from being number 8 in the world to being seventh, and the fourth largest automobile exporter.”

He mentioned three key data in this sector:

FIRST: In the period from January to August of this year, 2.2 million vehicles were produced. This is almost 20 percent more than the number produced during the same period in 2012.

SECOND: More vehicles are also being exported. From January to August this year, 1.8 million vehicles were exported, also nearly 20 percent more; 18.8 percent to be precise, than the number exported in the period from January-August 2012.

THIRD: Vehicle sales on the domestic market were also significant. So far this year, 833,000 vehicles have been sold in our country, in other words, 34 percent more than the number sold during the same period in 2012.”

The president explained that this reflects the fact that, “Domestic consumption continues to be higher. Something that supports the dynamism of our economy is the current domestic consumption.”

In addition, he said, also it reflects confidence. “Only those who have confidence in the destination and the horizon of our country, pluck up the nerve to buy or borrow to buy an item as in the case of a vehicle.”


Governor of Guanajuato Miguel Márquez Márquez said that, “With highways like this, El Bajío is now one of the main recipients of domestic and foreign investment, especially in the automotive sector.” He said that the new road will be part of the backbone of industrial parks and the means for the interaction and communication between companies based in them, thereby contributing to the development of logistic industrial centers in the state and this region.

“Our partners have seen that the unparalleled road network in the center allows them to easily reach the north, south, the Pacific and the Gulf. This has become a major trigger for our economy,” he said.

He said it will also help to consolidate 11 new industrial developments for medium and large companies, and six parks for micro, small and medium enterprises, “Covering an area of 1,500 hectares, and providing an estimated 63,000 jobs, and investments for approximately $400 million USD in this region alone.”

He said that this new road directly impacts 2.3 million inhabitants by reducing their travel times and providing security. Infrastructure, he stressed, “Is a tangible thing that people can see, feel and experience every day, whereby the country and the state are transformed, which will enable us to construct a better future.”

Márquez Márquez expressed his gratitude for this long-awaited public work to the president, to whom he said, “We must continue working shoulder to shoulder and with a single goal: And here in Guanajuato you have an ally, an excellent ally to continue working and promoting the development of our country.”


Secretary of Communications and Transportation (SCT) Gerardo Ruiz Esparza said that, “The great infrastructure project that is developed throughout the country by the SCT, according to the National Infrastructure ,Program, has been put out to tender and awarded with strict adherence to the law, transparency and accountability.”

He said that to date not a single challenge has been presented regarding the more than seven thousand important bids that have taken place in this administration, information on all of which is available on the Secretariat’s Transparency Website.

He explained that the highway inaugurated today is of strategic importance as it will accelerate the development of the main automotive corridor in Mexico and the Industrial Park in the region. It involved a total investment of nearly 3.5 billion pesos and has a length of 79 kilometers. “It will inject greater dynamism into the industrial development of El Bajío and help improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the state and the region,” he said.

It added that its construction created more than one thousand direct and more than 2,500 indirect jobs. It reduces logistics costs in transporting goods and people, since because of their high specifications, it permits average speeds of 110 kilometers per hour, achieving a flow of nearly nine thousand vehicles per day and substantially reducing traveling time to less than 40 minutes. “With infrastructure works such as the one delivered today, we will help you attract productive investment that creates jobs,” he said.


Octavio Juárez Rojas, a resident of the municipality of Silao, said that the Salamanca-León highway is modern and very safe, and, “Will help us market our crops better. It will use our travel times from one state to another and allow our children to travel safely to universities and workplaces.”

He declared that the construction of the highway will boost the economic development of the region and the exchange of goods and services between the neighboring states and the center of the country.

He said that, “If we continue to work in unity and with the same objective, we will soon achieve better results and our country will advance more effectively.”