• He also congratulated them on projecting the greatness, professionalism and training of our Armed Forces to keep serving Mexico.
  • He asked them to convey his appreciation and gratitude to their comrades in arms.

Earlier today, President Enrique Peña Nieto visited the premises of Military Camp No. 1 to socialize with members of the Armed Forces who participated in the military parade commemorating the 205th anniversary of Mexico’s Independence.

The president congratulated them on their performance in the military parade, and on, “Projecting the greatness of our Armed Forces, the professionalism of our Armed Forces and the training and professionalism they have to continue serving Mexico.” He also acknowledged, “Their active, courageous and extremely professional participation in the military parade.”

President Peña Nieto declared that the military parade, “Marks and projects the strength, vitality, energy and commitment of Mexico’s soldiers and sailors.” He added that as the contingents passed by, “We could see the force with which they did so, their military demeanor as they marched, but above all the great pride of wearing the uniform with the colors of Mexico.”

The resident highlighted Mexican society’s gratitude and recognition of the country’s armed forces. “I want to be a spokesman and give testimony and evidence of the recognition and gratitude for our armed forces,” he said.

The president said that this meeting, during which he had the opportunity to socialize with, greet and personally express his gratitude to most of the attendees, is unprecedented, “Because after each parade, each of the participants in this military parade would return to his or her quarters for lunch.”

He asked the attendees to convey his, “Cordial, fraternal greetings and gratitude and appreciation to each of their comrades in arms.”

He also asked them to thank their families, “Because I know how courageous many of you have been in leaving your homes and family to fulfil the lofty missions and tasks with which you have been entrusted.


Secretary of National Defense General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda thanked President Peña Nieto for attending the luncheon hosted by the Armed Forces. “I must tell you, Mr. President, that what you did today, in the military language, is called “cramp.” We were not expecting it, but we are delighted.”

On behalf of the 250,000 men and women comprising the Armed Forces, he thanked the president for attending the luncheon, since this is an unprecedented event. “This had not been done in fifty years,” he declared.

During the luncheon with President Enrique Peña Nieto, members of the Armed Forces Lieutenant Jaime Nájera García and Manuel de Jesús Rubio Padilla, Applicant to the 1st Year of the Electronic Naval School, thanked the president for attending, and reaffirmed their commitment to continue contributing to the tasks that the Army and Navy perform on behalf of the population.