·        This year, our democracy evolved and our institutions were strengthened, he said.

·        In 2015, “Mexico showed its macroeconomic strength and its ability to grow in the midst of a difficult, adverse global environment,” he said.

·        We closed the year with the lowest inflation in 45 years, he said.

·        The president led a celebration with members of his Cabinet and civil servants to mark the end of the year.

·        He expressed his appreciation for all those who are part of “a team that serves Mexico”.

Earlier today, President Enrique Peña Nieto led a celebration with civil servants to mark the end of the year, in which he stressed that, “2015 was a year when we advanced and prepared for the future.”

At the event, held at the National Palace, the president reported on the progress made in the first three years of the administration, especially in 2015.  He also issued postage stamps commemorating the structural reforms introduced by the government.

Addressing members of his Cabinet and civil servants from various government departments, President Peña Nieto thanked all those who are part of, “A team that serves Mexico with dedication, commitment, passion, strength and the desire to lend change, speed and rhythm to the transformation of our country.”

The president declared that politically, “Our democracy evolved and our institutions were strengthened. We had an exemplary election day, with peace, stability and order last June.” He said it was an electoral process in which for the first time, women occupied 50 per cent of the candidacies for federal and local congresses.

He said that security has also advanced. The balance of 2015, compared with the figures for 2012, “Certainly reveals solid, significant progress”. He added that much remains to be accomplished and advanced, “But certainly, in this area of security, and also in human rights, we have made 2015 a year of progress, a year of fulfillment and achievement, and we must further strengthen our actions to strengthen them.”


The president said that in 2015, “Mexico proved its macroeconomic strength and ability to grow in the midst of a difficult, adverse global environment; we managed to have growth and to create more jobs for more Mexicans.”

He noted that 2015 will also be remembered "as a significant year for infrastructure development, since several projects have materialized and several others are underway, which will improve the performance of this Administration in the development of better infrastructure for our country, to raise our competitiveness.”

President Peña Nieto said that Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) and the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), the two main productive state enterprises, have made major announcements of investment projects, despite the adverse scenarios in the rest of the world, and the fall in oil prices.

He also explained, “The Law of Energy Transition was passed, which makes Mexico a country with a commitment to the world, and above all, a country with a great commitment to present and future generations, which assumes responsibility for harmonious growth with full respect for our environment.”


"This year, millions of households paid less for the electricity used in homes, shops and industry and there was no monthly price increases for gasoline, diesel or LP Gas. Domestic long distance charges were eliminated and the cost of long distance mobile telephony and fixed telephony was reduced.”

“We are coming to the end of this year with the lowest inflation our country has recorded since it began to be measured, for 45 years, and inflation will undoubtedly be less than 3 percent. This is perhaps one of the most important benefits for Mexican families,” he said.

He also said that this year, steps were taken to reduce the equality gap on various fronts. "We have done this through the public policies that we have adopted in this matter; now we have a new plan to push through the Federal Law on Special Economic Zones.”

Moreover, he reported, “Over eight thousand community kitchens are operating throughout the country that ensure access to food for millions of families who had previously not have their daily food guaranteed. A National Strategy for Teen Pregnancy Prevention was established, together with a credit strategy focusing on young people, which is growing and giving them an opportunity to build their own successful project.”

The president said that in 2015, Mexico continued to expand its commercial openness to the world, and its commitment to the major causes of humanity. “This year, the Free Trade Agreement with Panama came into force. The Senate ratified the Pacific Alliance Trade Agreement; and concluded negotiation of the Agreement known as TPP.”

“We participated in COP-21, meeting obligations, and above all, being promoters to ensure that participating countries assume greater commitments to care for the environment today, and in consideration of future generations," he said.

President Peña Nieto said that in 2015, the world has also confirmed its confidence in Mexico. "We have seen a growing flow of ever larger investments in our country: nearly $22 billion USD were invested this year.”

"Tenders for Round 1 were successfully started, which led to Energy Reform, which confirms the confidence Mexico is projecting worldwide. This is particularly important when you consider that one of the world’s constants today is risk aversion," he said.

He noted that this confidence in our country is also being confirmed, since Mexico a country that is being consolidated among the 10 top destinations that receive most tourists every year.

The president recalled that this year, “Mexicans also coped with unprecedented weather events in our country. There were several phenomena, floods here and there, which were dealt with promptly, particularly the tornado that struck Ciudad Acuña, where I recently delivered rebuilt homes to over two thousand people who had been affected.”

Hurricane Patricia, whose speed and strength made it the largest ever recorded, made landfall in Mexico, fortunately without causing major damage. And much of this was due to the alerts and preventive action carried out through the coordination efforts in Civil Protection.”


The president mentioned that, “One of the important goals set by this Administration has been to ensure that new generations receive higher quality education.” He said that, “Over 130,000 teachers have already been evaluated in this process, which is only one of the parts considered in Education Reform.”

“This is how Mexico will have greater capacity and strength to cope with tomorrow’s challenges, whatever they may be, when we have a society, especially children and youth, which receives higher quality education. This will certainly be the best tool, the greatest strength they have to be part of a successful Mexico that will be able to cope with any scenario that arises,” he declared.

The president declared that the achievement of each of these accomplishments, “Is the result of the work of each of those present and millions of those absent, who form part of the team of public servants employed by Mexico and are contributing,  through their behavior, to move Mexico forward to enable it to achieve better conditions and scenarios and create well-being for Mexican families.”

He personally thanked,  “All the men and women who are part of the government team that serves the nation with passion and dedication," as well as those in public service working in state administrations.

“Thank you for your efforts, thank you for your dedication, thank you for always having the clarity that your work contributes to having a better country and a better Mexico,” he said.