• It will serve as protection for the majestic natural reefs; now, its mission will be to protect the natural wealth of our seas, he said.
  • This project will also support those engaged in sustainable fishing, ecotourism and tactical and sport diving, he stated.
  • The Military Police and Naval Police will continue to provide security and support to the population in Veracruz, he declared.
  • He flagged the Coastal Patrol boat Chichen Itzá PC-340.

President  Enrique Peña Nieto led the Controlled Dumping of the Hull of the Former Comodoro Manuel Azueta Boat. During this ceremony,  he said that this act, “Should encourage us to continue working to preserve our incredible biodiversity, while at the same time promoting the economy of Mexican families”.

He said that as of today, an artificial reef will be created in the hull of the Manuel Azueta, to serve as protection for the majestic natural reefs found in Veracruz. “Its mission will now be to protect the natural wealth of our seas and to continue to set an example, for all Mexicans, of the highest values that guide our seamen,” he said.

He said that the ship, “Will remain for posterity, continuing its work of protecting the coasts of Veracruz, and reminding us of the importance of protecting the environment for the development of our country”.

He mentioned that in recognition of the invaluable participation of Manuel Azueta in the Heroic Deed of 1914, this Mexican Navy Ship was named after him.

He explained that for over 40 years, this ship, “Has fulfilled an invaluable mission: serving Mexicans, either as a Training Ship where cadets of the Heroic Naval Military School were trained, or as a Patrol Boat that protects our seas. The Manuel Azueta has witnessed the transformation of our Navy”.

”There is no better place for this ship to continue serving the nation than the coasts of Veracruz, where it will remain forever as an imposing watchman," he added.

The president declared that the dumping project, “Also supports the Mexican families that earn their livelihood from providing services in our seas and those who work in sustainable fishing, ecotourism and, of course, tactical and sports diving”:

He said that promoting these activities is vital for our economy and, “Teaches us to use our marine resources responsibly". He invited, “All Mexicans to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of our seas, and above all, to learn to protect them because it is our legacy for future generations”.


Aboard the Naval Boat Libertador, the president instructed the Military Police and the Naval Police, who have been providing security and support to the population, to remain in Veracruz. The “Military Police and the Naval Police will continue to perform tasks to ensure the safety of the people of Veracruz,” he declared.

He recalled that, "Since June of this year, the Secretariat of the Navy has resumed its role as the highest national maritime authority, with the mission of guaranteeing safe, protected and efficient maritime transport. I am convinced that the Secretary of the Navy has the operational capacity, and above all, the professionalism of its sailors to successfully perform this important task”:

"To support their noble mission, we are providing the Navy with more and better surface units that will allow them to take care of our marine areas," he said, noting that at present, there are 10 coastal patrols, eight of which have been delivered during this Administration.

The president praised each of the members of the Armed Forces, “For being an example of honor, duty and loyalty. No matter however difficult the challenge is, the marines, soldiers and pilots of Mexico have always shown their commitment to our country and the welfare of Mexican families”.

"This is what they did in the wake of Hurricane Katia, when they helped the affected population here, from Veracruz, with personnel, vehicles and surface units to protect human lives, and they also demonstrated their courage and solidarity a few weeks ago after the earthquakes that struck the center and the south of the country,” he said.

"Just as we entrust our lives to them during natural disasters, we also entrust them with the protection of our seas”. “All Mexicans are proud of your invaluable efforts to rescue lives at the most critical moments,” he said.

Earlier in the day, President Peña Nieto flagged the Coastal Patrol  Boat Chichen Itzá PC-340, which joins the service today and is sponsored by Secretary of Culture, María Cristina García Cepeda. This vessel, he said, “Will meet the commitment of protecting the integrity of Mexicans and the security of our territorial sea."


Secretary of the Navy Admiral Vidal Francisco Soberón Sanz declared that with the controlled dumping of the Manuel Azueta ship, we are projecting a better future, and told President Enrique Peña Nieto that, “This is a sign that Mexico is committed to the oceans and seas and their ecosystems and biodiversity. It is committed to the international maritime community”.

He added that we are, “A nation that is heading towards modernization with sustainable development and global responsibility”.

He explained that from the seabed, “The Commodore Manuel Azueta will begin to write new pages of its history. A promising future awaits this ship. It now has great missions to fulfill,” since as an artificial reef, it will form part of the Marine Park of the Veracruz Reef System, which will serve as a source of life and refuge for marine flora and fauna.

He explained that this is part of, “A strategy aimed at promoting sustainable development, by reconciling actions to preserve the marine environment and human activities, a project that has the support, dedication and professional support of various Mexican State institutions”.

In addition, he said, it adheres to the Law of Dumping in Mexican marine areas and the provisions contained in the London Protocol on the Prevention of Marine Pollution through the Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter, issued by the International Maritime Organization.

Likewise, he added, creating benefits for the marine ecosystem will also encourage tourism, which, as  of today will have an attractive space for the recreational practice of diving, thus boosting the local economy.

He said that another sector that will benefit from the controlled dumping of the hull of the former Manuel Azueta boat is education, since it will be used for underwater practices of the Heroic Naval Military School cadets.

He told President Peña Nieto: “You are looking at the essence of a ship that has fulfilled its mission of serving Mexico from the first moment it reached national waters. You are looking a former member of the naval fleet, who has witnessed the recent modernization of the Mexican Navy”.

He said that it is, “A steel titan, which embodies your commitment expressed a year ago, at the UN General Assembly, by pointing out that we must reconcile economic development with social inclusion and environmental protection.”.

He recalled that in 2015, the ship was removed from active service in the Mexican Navy and now, he said, on the seabed. “It will continue to serve the Nation and will be a faithful witness to the modernization of the Mexican naval fleet which,  needless to say, is on the right track,” with the permanent program for the replacement of the institution’s surface units, and mentioned, for example, the flagging of the Coastal Patrol boat Chichen Itzá, led today by President Enrique Peña Nieto.


Rafael Pacchiano Alamán, Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, reported that the Veracruz Reef System National Park is a protected natural area that greatly benefited during the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto.

This protected natural area was expanded by almost 30 percent; new reefs were incorporated that had not previously been considered for protection and moreover, 25 years after being decreed, this National Park finally has a management program that is the main instrument to be able to safeguard a protected natural area,” he said.

He reported that this reef will be added to the existing 23 to generate more fauna and flora and also to create more environmental services, in addition to providing invaluable services to coastal areas, “Because they are a natural barrier against waves and hurricanes,” they produce oxygen and are also, “A great tool for mitigating climate change because they are ecosystems that capture the majority of carbon dioxide, even more so than forest areas”.

Pacchiano Alamán stressed that during this Administration the natural protected areas of Mexico have tripled and that the authorities are working on a decree for a New National Park in Revillagigedo, “Which will be the largest fishing free marine area in North America”.


Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares, Governor of the State of Veracruz, expressed his gratitude for the Controlled Dumping of Commodore Manuel Azueta to turn it into an artificial reef, since, of all the natural resources in the state, the sea is undoubtedly "the richest and most important”.

"Today, during this event, as a result of a state decision that has to do with the future of the generations of Veracruz, man will create an artificial reef,” he declared.

The governor of Veracruz said that during this Federal Administration, special importance has been placed on Mexico’s seas, and in the specific case of his state, efforts have been made to develop infrastructure, such as the construction of a new port in the city of Veracruz: “In Tuxpan, there is a new port terminal, which activates the port of Coatzacoalcos, and also links the highlands to the coastal zone of Veracruz”.

Yunes Linares also announced that he will propose to the Congress of his state that this year, the “Adolfo Ruiz Cortines" medal, the highest honor granted by the Government of Veracruz, be awarded to the "Mexican Army and Navy of Mexico in recognition of the services they have always provided to Veracruz, but particularly in recent years”