Within the framework of the commemoration of International Women's Day, Angelica Rivera de Peña highlighted the strength of Mexican women to change the country and cope with adversity.

“Mexico is full of strong, hardworking women, who are changing the country, opening new roads and new opportunities for other women. Thank you very much for your dedication and love. Women have great strength, particularly Mexican women. In truth, we do everything to take care of our work, homes, children and  families. Therefore, today is a very important date in which we recognize the great strength we all have,” she said.

In her message, the president of the Citizens ‘Advisory Board of the National DIF acknowledged the work of her husband, President Enrique Peña Nieto, in favor of the rights of this sector of the population, especially the important social programs that have been implemented in this administration.

"I feel very proud, as a Mexican woman, that my husband, the president, works every day for all our rights and to recognize the important value we have, for believing in what we are capable of doing, for our family and our country,” she said.

Lastly, Angelica Rivera de Peña urged women to believe in themselves and feel proud of their work.  “We should feel very proud of the strength each of us has to get ahead, regardless of the adversities we face every day. We must not stop for anything, we have great strength, we have a great will and a great love and do you know why? Simply because we are women. Congratulations to all of us on our day,” she concluded by saying.