Enrique Peña Nieto *

It is always a pleasure to visit new places, and more so when it comes to such a special country as Viet Nam. Its ancient culture, kind people and economic potential show us that greatness can live through the past, the present and the future. I will be honored to be in Da Nang and I am convinced that this will be an excellent opportunity to strengthen the ties between our nations.

What Viet Nam has achieved in the last thirty years is impressive. Its outstanding economic growth, its productive capacity and its macroeconomic stability are proof that transformation, renovation and modernization bring positive results. That is also confirmed by the substantial rise in its exports and the growing trade. Without a doubt, the reform agenda implemented in Viet Nam, known as Doi Moi Policy, is a story of success.

Our bilateral relationship has developed quickly. The commercial exchange between our countries has experienced an important growth in the last decade. We multiplied by almost 10 times the value of our traded goods: from 513 million dollars, in 2007, to more than 5 billion, in 2016. Viet Nam is Mexico’s fifth trading partner in the Asia-Pacific region, whilst Mexico is Viet Nam’s first trading partner in Latin America. Both economies have great potential to increase their competitiveness, if they continue this path of openness, cooperation and integration.

Even though Mexico has consolidated an important trading network, we are committed to continue deepening our commercial ties with the Asian-Pacific region. We will work, along with Viet Nam and our partners in the region, to put into effect the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP11) as soon as possible. We are certain that it will bring greater trade integration among the 812 million people that live in this economic block. 

Likewise, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a priority initiative for my country. Seven of its members, already are among our ten largest trade partners. Around 88% of Mexico’s exports and 80% of our imports come from APEC members. We are also an important supplier for the region; nearly 80% of APEC economies’ imports are intermediate products processed in Mexico.

In order to enjoy sustainable development, policies must be about more than trade, we need to foster sustainable and inclusive growth, deepen regional economic integration, enhance the role of Micro, Small and Medium-Seize Enterprises in Global Value Chains and address the impact of Climate Change with concrete actions.

In the forthcoming APEC Economic Leaders Meeting, Mexico is looking forward to continue contributing to the fulfillment of the Bogor Goals. We need to keep working on strategic topics such as services, investment, Non-Tariff Measures, Behind-the-Border Barriers and regulatory improvement. Moreover, we must endure the path towards establishing the APEC Post-2020 Agenda, as the world is facing an increasingly accelerated transformation. I am sure that this year’s summit will contribute to make Asia-Pacific an even more dynamic region. 

In a complex environment such as the one we are facing today, the efforts to enhance dialogue and cooperation are extremely valuable. Therefore, I would like to congratulate the APEC Secretariat and the Government of Viet Nam for the remarkable work they have done to make this meeting possible.