Today the beta version of the National Platform for Monitoring the Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS) was launched

It is designed to support the achievement and measurement of SDO, since it is an instrument for the analysis and monitoring of global objectives.

The Sustainable Development Goals are 17 objectives with specific goals adopted by the 193 member states of the United Nations Organization (UN). These objectives seek to improve the living conditions of the world population through the balance between economic, social and environmental development.

What does it contain?

Users have information, visualizations and open data on 25 indicators of 10 objectives of the 2030Agenda in Mexico.

Most of the indicators present data from 1994 to the present and can be broken down by state, gender and age, among other variables.

The platform provides the option of displaying the data as graphs, as well as downloading them for their reuse and exploitation.

15-Year Project

Since the 2030 Agenda is a 15-year project, more indicators will periodically be added as they are generated and according to the schedule of updates and rules established by the Specialized Technical Committee for Open Data of the National Statistics and Geographical System (SNIEG)

Visit the platform at