President Enrique Peña Nieto toured the town of El Paredón in the State of Chiapas, where he observed the progress of the reconstruction of the homes damaged during last September’s earthquakes.

On his first visit to El Paredón, on September 11, in this community:

”I came here and promised we would coordinate all the actions between the federal government and the government of the State of Chiapas to support the reconstruction work”: EPN

Dwellings can be reconstructed in three ways:

ONE: “People can purchase materials to build their own homes. You will define how you would like them, you will have the materials and you will be able to do the reconstruction based on the advice being offered in each of the places affected”.

TWO: “Another way of doing this is to hire one of the housing construction companies, which you can ask to build your homes. You will have to give them your card in payment, because they are the ones who will collect the money. It is up to you to decide. There are several companies, not just one. Several companies will be available to show you their construction models. They will show you their housing projects and each of you will decide whether you want to build your own house or whether you want one of these companies to build your home”.

THREE: “A third way is do this in groups. Some people are already building in groups. In other words, three or four families get together so that each family can build their home with the support of the other families”.


In El Paredón, a number of directors of educational establishments were given a support card, so that once the damage registered in the partially damaged schools has been assessed, they will be allocated resources for their reconstruction.

In the case of the most severely damaged schools, reconstruction work is already underway.

“While we are doing this work, which will take several months, a number of actions are being undertaken: we are relocating students to other schools where they exist, and when they do not, we are installing temporary classrooms so that children can continue their studies and do not lose the school year”: EPN

Available support

In Chiapas, LICONSA and DICONSA services have been extended.

  • DICONSA has another 50 stores in Chiapas where residents can purchase basic products at a fair price.
  • LICONSA has approximately ten thousand dairies in the country, more than three thousand of which have been built during this Administration.

“Nearly one out of every three LICONSA dairies in the country has been built during this Administration, in order to bring this basic, nutritious food to families, so that they can have good quality milk at a fair price to support families who need it most”: EPN

Checks from the Economic Activation Program of the National Entrepreneur’s Institute were given to shopkeepers from El Paredón, as well as LICONSA cards, from the Schools of Excellence Program to Reduce the Educational Lag, and a check from the Life Insurance Program for Female Heads of Household.