President Enrique Peña Nieto announced that the biggest contributors of the help being distributed are Mexican.

“The funds that the government is spending come from taxpayers’ contributions to the public finances of the country.

He said that, “The government is allocating resources, which is its responsibility; funds from taxpayers to the public finances of the country, come from the population, from those who pay their taxes responsibly. This enables the government to assign this amount of resources for reconstruction”.

He pointed out that in total, in all the states affected by the earthquakes, 184,000 houses, nearly 14,000 shops and 16,000 schools sustained some form of damage. Of the country’s cultural heritage, 1,821 buildings and churches, 175 medical units and hospitals, and 140 roads were affected.

An investment in the order of 48 billion pesos is required, one tenth of which will be provided by the private sector.

  • The government will offer advice on where to allocate these funds in order to avoid duplication.

“The sum of efforts is what is really allowing the country to get back on its feet again, especially in the affected areas in the south and center of the country”: EPN


The president declared that the government will be absolutely transparent about the way it spends the resources it has allocated for reconstruction work. They are open, presented and displayed in a transparency website, which anyone can consult.

The Law provides that the Transparency website on the funds allocated by the government, to which contributions from the states are added, will also include the funds collected by the private sector and reported to the Tax Administration System.

“We must make it clear that the funds have not been combined. Let's clear up that doubt: we are not adding private funds to the public funds allocated by the government: they are being administered separately”. EPN

Incorporating the population into the banking system

One of the most important challenges, in terms of housing reconstruction, was the definition of the payment mechanism and the means of making it effective, which involved opening a savings account, accompanied by a debit card, so that it would translate into materials and funds families could use.

Support has been provided for housing reconstruction, in Chiapas and Oaxaca alone, for over 73,000 affected families.

  • This month, cards will be delivered to the other states affected.


Over six million people saw their electricity services and drinking water supply suspended as a result of the earthquakes.

  • Two months later, the electric power service has been fully restored together with 99.8 percent of the water service.
  • Traffic has been restored on all affected roads.
  • 98 percent of medical units are operating.
  • Hospitals that suffered partial damages are being rehabilitated, together with most of those that suffered major damage.

“Support is being delivered. Where cards have not yet been delivered, they are on their way, because this has involved an enormous effort to take the corresponding censuses. But, in the end, all those affected have been attended during this emergency. They have been supported so that they can have shelter and food and not remain homeless”: EPN