The government has worked consistently and determinedly to expand the country's infrastructure.

It dedicates its efforts to enabling the private sector to undertake projects, so that the country can continue advancing.

"When there is a greater demand for airports, when airlines have a larger number of passengers, when tourist destinations have a greater influx of domestic and foreign tourists, it means that the country is moving forward, that the economy is growing, and that there is greater economic dynamism in our country, and that is exactly what is happening”: EPN

Economic growth

Today, INEGI (the National Institute of Statistics and Geography) announced that the national economy had an annual growth rate of 1.7 during the third quarter of 2017.

"Although it has had a small setback, due to the effect on the economy of the earthquakes that occurred in September, the economy is growing”: EPN

Throughout this Administration, each quarter has shown steady, sustained growth of the economy, which promotes and strengthens national consumption, increases demand for services, as well as providing economic benefits for Mexican families.

A major effort and investment has been made, accompanied by the private sector, to “Project our country beyond our borders so that millions of inhabitants in other parts of the world know about the beauty of Mexico and what it has to offer”: EPN

Tourism Sector

In just five years, Mexico has consolidated itself as one of the most important tourist destinations.

  • It moved up from the 15th to 8th destination with the highest number of tourists.
  • Cancun has been consolidated as the second most important international tourist destination in the country, after Mexico City.
  • The tourism received by Quintana Roo is much higher that of many other countries in the Latin American region, such as Brazil, Colombia and Argentina.
  • Mexico is moving up in the preference of international as well as domestic tourists.

"Today, more and more Mexicans visit the various tourist destinations in our country.       Nowadays, more Mexicans travel on the various airlines in our country. The number of passengers traveling by plane has grown by 60 percent”: EPN

Since 2012, the Senate has ratified air service agreements Mexico has signed with other countries, such as Canada, Cuba and the United States, as a result of which the last year and a half has seen over 151 more applications for new air routes.

  • In the past year, US tourism to the country grew 11 percent.

Country Brand

Work has also been done on the projection of the Mexico Country Brand.

  • Mexico is increasingly well known in the world.
  • It is also known, for its strengths, for its framework that has been modified and reformed, for its structural reforms, particularly the economic ones, which attracts investment in Mexico.

Recently, “An organization that measures countries on the basis of their position as a brand reflected in the world, informed us that Mexico has moved two places. We used to rank 15th and now we have moved up to 13th in the world”. EPN