The president led the Controlled Dumping of the Hull of the Former Commodore Manuel Azueta Boat, a ceremony in which he stressed that this act, “should encourage us to continue working to preserve our incredible biodiversity, while at the same time promoting the economy of Mexican families”.

In the hull of the Manuel Azueta, an artificial reef will be created that will serve as protection for the majestic natural reefs found in Veracruz.

“Its mission will be to protect the natural wealth of our seas and to continue to set an example, for all Mexicans, of the highest values that guide our seamen": EPN

In recognition of the invaluable participation of Manuel Azueta in the Heroic Deed of 1914, this Mexican Navy Ship was named after him.

For more than 40 years, this ship has fulfilled an invaluable mission: serving Mexicans, either as a Training Ship where the cadets of the Heroic Naval Military School were trained, or as a Patrol Boat.

The dumping project, “Also supports the Mexican families that earn their livelihood from providing services in our seas and those who devote themselves to sustainable fishing, ecotourism and, of course, tactical and sports diving”: EPN


The president instructed the Military Police and the Naval Police, who have been providing security and support to the population, to remain in Veracruz.

"Since June of this year, the Secretariat of the Navy has resumed its role as the maximum national maritime authority, with the mission of guaranteeing safe, protected and efficient maritime transport. I am convinced that the Secretary of the Navy has the operational capacity, and above all, the professionalism of its sailors to successfully perform this important task”: EPN

The Navy is being equipped with more and better surface units that will allow it to protect marine areas.

  • At present, there are 10 coastal patrol boats, eight of which have been delivered during this Administration.