President Enrique Peña Nieto spoke with them about Mexico's priorities in its bilateral relations with each of their countries.

The objectives are: to promote the diversification of our economic and political ties as one of our country’s foreign policy priorities.

The new resident ambassadors in Mexico are:

  • Mohamed Chafiki of Morocco
  • Mohammad Taghi Hosseini of Iran
  • José Crespo Fernández of Bolivia
  • Luigi Maccotta of Italy
  • Pedro Juan Nuñez Mosquera of Cuba
  • Rommanee Kananurak of Thailand

Concurrent ambassadors

  • Geir H. Haarde of Iceland
  • Arjun Kumar Karki of Nepal
  • Babacar Diagne, of Senegal
  • Wilson Mutagaywa Kajumula Masilingi, of Tanzania
  • David John Newman of Botswana
  • Elisenda Vives Balmaña of Andorra
  • Ellsworth John of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Haris Hrle, of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Hau Do Suan of Myanmar

Mexico has 80 embassies and 67 consulates.

During this administration, five embassies (Ghana, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Jordan and Norway) and three consulates (Istanbul, Milwaukee and Wisconsin) have been opened.