During the current administration, more than 32,000 km of highways, roads, rural roads and feeders have been built.

“Roads are ways forward, and sometimes the only way to bring other elements to promote the progress of various communities and society”: EPN

This administration has given an unprecedented boost to the construction of communications and transport, water, energy and tourism works.

Investment in infrastructure has a positive local impact: 60% of the investment in a highway or road benefits the communities it goes through in the form of jobs, land and materials purchases and services contracted.


Mexico’s New International Airport will be one of the world’s three largest airports, with an annual passenger capacity of 125 million.

It is estimated that 450,000 people will work daily there. In 2020, it will launch the first stage of operations.

In 2065, it will operate at maximum capacity, with 6 parallel runways and transport 125 million passengers a year.

It is a unique project in America, with a social vision and 100% environmentally-friendly, which will allow Mexico to take advantage of its place as one of the world’s most important economies.

  • With a total investment of 186.092 billion pesos
  • 40,000 direct and indirect jobs generated. 160,000 will be created during its construction.
  • 160 Mexican companies participating at present
  • 70 million passengers will be transported during the first phase
  • 3 parallel runways simultaneously operating during the first phase

“The New Mexico City International Airport will be the world’s gateway to Mexico, the projection of the grandeur and splendor of our country”: EPN

Mexico-Toluca Intercity Train

The government is building the Mexico-Toluca Intercity passenger train which will connect the Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Toluca to the west of Mexico City.

  • More than 48 billion pesos invested in its construction
  • It will reach a top speed of 160 km/hr.
  • Its 58 km length will be covered in 39 minutes
  • It will transport 230,000 passengers a day
  • 27,000 tons of carbon dioxide will stop being emitted annually

Guadalajara Electric Train

Line 3 of the Guadalajara Electric Train will connect the three main municipalities of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, becoming the public transport hub.

It will connect Zapopan to Tlaquepaque through downtown Guadalajara in 33 minutes.

  • Over 22 billion pesos in investment
  • It will transport 233,000 passengers a day
  • 17,000 tons of carbon dioxide will stop being emitted annually
  • It will cover more than 21 km and reduce travel time for the round trip by 80 minutes.