President Enrique Peña Nieto received a group of digital leaders on the occasion of World Internet Day at the official residence of Los Pinos.

Mexicans committed to effort are breaking paradigms and enabling Mexico to benefit from the digital era, as an enabling tool for development and inclusion.

This administration promoted the amendment to Article 6 of the Constitution to include the right of access to Information Technology and Communication.

“The tools and means for this to reach the rest of the population have been provided. Today 60 million, in other words,  just over 50 percent of Mexicans, have access to the Internet, a platform that promotes values and freedom of expression.

Internet Attributes

  • It is a global network of people, whose main effect is to democratize opportunities.
  • It is a powerful platform of inclusion, innovation and development.
  • It is freedom and democracy, which together provide an even playing field.
  •  Freedom of thought, interaction and information. 

“It is a means by which I learn of many positive but also negative views on my administration. I see and hear them all. I have never censored a single one and I never will, because I believe that freedom is critical to building a democratic society.”

Four aspects of the Government’s Digital Policy:

1. Telecommunications Reform: this generated more competition, which has resulted in better services at a lower cost.

2. Public policies with an inclusive approach so that no Mexican is left out of the Information Society.

3. Emphasis on entrepreneurship and creativity, so that Mexicans can move from being consumers of content, to creators of new ideas, new developments and solutions and new businesses.

4. Actions to move towards a Digital Government

Progress in the past three years

-Mexico is the 8th country in the world to guarantee access to Internet as a right.

-There are 62 million Internet users (50% more than in 2012). 51 million Mexicans access the Internet through their smartphones.

-In the past two years, telecommunications prices have fallen by 15.3%.

-E-commerce has nearly doubled in the past two years to reach 162 billion pesos today.

-Mexico is the 8th country in the world to guarantee access to the Internet as a right.

-The Federal Telecommunications Act provides that all websites must adhere to the provisions of accessibility, according to international best practices.

-Nearly 5,000 procedures have been digitized; in 3 years of administration, the percentage of citizens interacting with their government online has risen from 1.5% to 20%.

-The goal is for 100% of government sites to be accessible.