President Enrique Peña Nieto received His Excellency Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, who paid a working visit in Mexico.

”It's a pleasure to have you here today at the official residence of Los Pinos, and to achieve a rapprochement in the quest to expand various aspects of relations between India and Mexico.”

The president highlighted a number of facts about India:

  • 122 languages are spoken, 22 of which are official.
  • Its film industry produces the largest number of films worldwide, over 1,500.
  • India and Mexico are also emerging economies, open to free trade, with pluralistic societies , stable democracies and undergoing transformation through structural reforms.
  • India is now the world’s seventh largest economy and in less than two decades, it will be the third largest.
  • Trade between the two countries currently stands at $6bn (12th largest partner), similar to the bilateral trade between Mexico and France (whose population is one twentieth of the size).

“And on the basis of our coincidences, having very similar conditions, and being politically stable countries, with consolidated democracies that believe in free trade, we are endorsing our bonds of friendship, and seeking to expand this relationship."

Mexico and India currently have a privileged partnership, and are working to establish a Strategic Partnership. One of the goals is to have a modern agenda for two modern nations.


The two countries agreed to boost cooperation in various areas:

- Reciprocal investments: by India in Mexico, in the steel and pharmaceutical industries; and by Mexico in India, in movie theaters, food and auto parts.

- Clean energies: in 2015, India and Mexico occupied 5th and 9th place respectively in renewable energy investment.

"We wish to promote investment, on the basis of the Energy Reform Mexico has undertaken, so that Indian companies can invest in renewable energy generation in our country, where India is also a world leader.”

Aerospace cooperation: with satellite applications to monitor environmental phenomena that have an impact on food security, fisheries and natural disasters, among other aspects.

- Technological exchanges: to enrich the Digital Strategy program, and even establish a joint laboratory.

- Following up on these agreements, this year, three meetings will be held between Indian and Mexican government officials at the High Level Meeting on Trade, Investment and Cooperation, and the Binational Commission precisely to deepen this shared vision that we have had.

- Moreover cooperation will be strengthened at regional and multilateral forums.

”Today Mexico confirms its friendship with India, a nation which, I must say, has influenced universal figures, particularly a person who was Mexican Ambassador in that country and our Nobel prize for Literature, Octavio Paz, who acknowledged that India was present in his poems, his writings, his prose and even his life.”