In Mexico, our Constitution recognizes and guarantees the right of indigenous people and communities to self-determination and, therefore, the autonomy to decide their internal forms of coexistence and social, economic, political and cultural organization.

It also recognizes their right to preserve and promote their culture, traditions and customs in an environment of equality and non-discrimination.

So that the over 15 million indigenous people of Mexico can fully exercise these rights, the government’s actions and programs focus on improving their quality of life and creating greater opportunities for development, through specific actions such as eradicating hunger and overcoming extreme poverty in indigenous municipalities, and the construction of basic infrastructure in their communities. The National Crusade against Hunger supports over six million people of indigenous origin.

It also fosters their incorporation into public education, health care and decent housing. Moreover, it promotes their access to justice, as well as their efforts to increase the production and marketing of their products and crafts, with a focus on sustainability.