By Enrique Peña Nieto: 2015 was a year when we managed to move, a year when Mexico overcame its inertia and eliminated the barriers that prevented it from achieving its full potential. Today, we are better prepared for the future.

We reached the middle of this Administration and, although we have made significant progress in many areas, we still have much to do.

In 2016, we will continue moving forward, with courage and energy to build the new reality Mexico demands.

Our country is destined to be one of the most prosperous nations, with the greatest well-being for its people, and a great reference for the world. Today more than ever, we should believe in Mexico.

I wish you a happy end of year celebration and hope that 2016 will offer all of Mexican society a year of prosperity, joy, great achievements and personal and family achievements, but above all, that 2016 will afford our country a great deal of success. 

Happy New Year to All!