President Enrique Peña Nieto stressed the right of Mexicans to the Health Protection at the event to promote the Universality of the Popular Insurance Scheme in the Prospera and “65 and Over” Community in the city of Tepic, Nayarit.

 “Access to health services is an essential component of overcoming poverty. By combining the efforts of the Popular Insurance Scheme with those of 65 and Over and PROSPERA, we are also taking a significant step towards fighting poverty and building a more egalitarian society.”

The goal is to affiliate over 4.5 million beneficiaries of PROSPERA and over 3.5 million beneficiaries of “65 and Over,” who, despite having this right, have not been affiliated to the Popular Insurance Scheme.


Between 2012 and 2014, the number of people without access to health services declined by 14%. This means that 3.5 million people overcame this shortcoming (with figures falling from 25.3 to 21.8 million).

“That is not enough; further efforts are required. We must ensure that more Mexicans know they are entitled to the health services provided by the State and therefore become affiliated to the Popular Insurance Scheme.”

The government is working on two fronts to achieve the target number:

1. The affiliation to the Popular Insurance Scheme of nearly 4.9 million beneficiaries of the PROSPERA program, 1.5 million of which have already been incorporated.

2. 3.5 million senior citizens will be affiliated to the 65 and Over Program. A total of 839,000 beneficiaries have been affiliated to the Popular Insurance Program in the past three months.

"We will reach more than three and a half million senior citizens who are entitled to the Popular Insurance scheme, and we want them to be properly registered to obtain this health benefit.”

Popular Insurance Benefits

The scheme provides free care and offers treatment for a much wider range of diseases.

Families will have access to vaccinations, preventive examinations and medical care for over 1,600 diseases and over 600 types of medication.

Health services include the treatment of childhood cancer and breast cancer.

”It is very important for them to enroll in the Popular Insurance Scheme: As beneficiaries of PROSPERA, you only have a basic package of 27 free health services. If you join the Popular Insurance Scheme, you will have 287.

The government is committed to promoting equality and improving the quality of life of all Mexicans. It is precisely with this vision that we have promoted programs to combat hunger, bring quality education to everyone, improve families’ income and provide them with basic services, among other things.”