President Enrique Peña Nieto led the closing ceremony of the 23rd Mexican Foreign Trade Congress

During the event,  he said that two and a half million formal jobs have been created during this administration, thanks to companies.

In addition, according to the World Economic Forum, which establishes worldwide indicators  and measures the economies of more than 190 countries, Mexico moved up 16 places in the labor market efficiency scale.

"Today our labor market is becoming more efficient, productive, and flexible. It is enabling us to have a much more competitive job market, which accounts for this progress in just two of the four years of this administration: 16 places higher up the World Economic Forum scale”: EPN

The president thanked the National Minimum Wage Commission for increasing the minimum wage to 80.04 pesos a day.  This represents a recovery in the minimum salary’s purchasing power.

“For the first time in these four years, after 40 years, the value of the minimum salary has recovered by 15 per cent”: EPN

Free trade

Mexico will continue to bet on free trade through two strategies:

FIRST. Expanding into new markets and consolidating those where we already have a presence.

SECOND. Continuing to promote the competitiveness of North America.

During the first four years of this administration, the High Level Economic Dialogue with the United States was established, with the aim of reducing transaction costs.

In the new stage of relations between the two countries, there is clarity regarding the issues and Mexico’s interests.

"On the basis of this, we will seek spaces to improve and modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement on the basis of a win-win strategy”: EPN

This Free Trade Agreement and its potential modernization, more than 20 years after its passage, should enable its member countries, Mexico, United States and Canada, to win and have advantages.