President Enrique Peña Nieto delivered Tulancingo General Hospital in the state of Hidalgo. Mexicans’ health is a priority we are working on every day to improve their quality of life.

The work we are delivering is proof of the combination of efforts by the government and the government of the state of Hidalgo  to build this new hospital in Tulancingo.

So far this administration has made significant investments, in addition to the investments made by the government of every state.

They are investments of 34 billion pesos, which have made it possible to build or modernize 580 hospital units, 2,800 outpatient units to ensure the health care demanded by the growing Mexican population.

The president said that the work inaugurated today, which required an investment of 800 million pesos, is part of the new Integral Care Model that permits, “Better coordination of patient care from a health clinic, through an outpatient clinic to a general hospital.”

He stressed the importance of the fact that this new Integral Care Model has involved a sequence and the coordination of efforts, “To find out exactly how each of these patients has been treated and have their medical history and ensure they are offered higher quality health services.” He announced that this new model is already operating as a pilot program in Hidalgo, Durango, Guanajuato and Yucatán.

Priorities for the welfare of Mexicans

- Ensure that there is broad, extended health infrastructure.

- Guarantee daily food intake for all Mexicans. Ensure education for all Mexicans. Ensure access to decent housing. Ensure social security.

- Ensure that these basic services for the population materialize, expand, extend and reach more Mexicans.

- Have economic stability; a supportive, healthy environment that will allow Mexican families to continue to work, and have employment and guaranteed income and create conditions of well-being for their families.

- Maintain economic stability, as  a result of which decisions have been taken to make government spending cuts to maintain sound public finances.

- Allocate spending to the basic services required by the population: health, education, housing, food, social security, which are undoubtedly key elements to ensuring quality of life among the population, together with a basic floor of well-being.

“That is and will remain this government’s top priority: ensure that this does not slow down, and that we move forward instead, especially if we consider that every day there are more Mexicans. Our demographic is growing, we have a larger population, and that requires governments to continue allocating investments to meet these basic needs the population demands.