President Enrique Peña Nieto led the Tribute to Rafael Tovar y de Teresa.

At the National Arts Center, whose creation was promoted by Tovar y de Teresa, the President noted that:

“Culture is the root of unity among Mexicans. Culture creates bridges; Rafael Tovar y de Teresa was a bridge between public service and the artistic and cultural community to the point of erasing differences”: EPN

Rafael Tovar y de Teresa was responsible for one of the most important chapters in Mexico’s cultural policy.

Diplomat, lawyer, historian and essayist, Rafael Tovar y de Teresa understood that culture is a source of identity and projection into the future.

The cultural policies he promoted were the result of an unusual combination between two spirits: that of the artist and the Statesmen.

He forged links between the government and the intellectual community and reconciled people and schools of thought.

He was head of the National Council for Culture and the Arts in three different administrations, leaving a deep mark on the cultural policies which he created and enriched as few others have done.

He promoted and encouraged creators; and fostered music and film; he founded Channel 22; he created the Center of the Image, the System of Musical Development and the Children’s Cultural Development program, “Wings and Roots”.

The last of the 12 places for which he secured recognition by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site was the “Hydraulics System of Father Tembleque’s Aqueduct” in the states of Mexico and Hidalgo.

 “He managed to use the tools of the state for the benefit of creators and the defense of our country’s artistic and cultural heritage.

The best way to honor his memory is to keep alive the example of his love for Mexico and his absolute commitment to all the expressions of culture and art, to which Rafael Tovar brought the best of his talent”. EPN