Thank you very much for allowing me into your homes.

Today is the start of the last third of my mandate.

My administration will end in two years. The greatest source of pride in my life has been, and always will be, having been elected president of all Mexicans.

From the first day of this administration, I decided to undertake the major reforms that had not been achieved for decades.

I will always acknowledge the responsibility and vision with which the country’s political forces acted, and from the parties, chambers of Congress and the legislative branches of the States, shared the design, negotiation and agreements to make these reforms a reality.

Some of these reforms have begun to bear fruit, which now appear small yet will increase over time. History will judge each of these reforms, which, I am sure, will create the opportunities our children and their children deserve.

The reforms were conceived of and implemented with them in mind. And it is with them in mind that I address you today.

Every day of my mandate, I find proof that Mexico is a great country.

It's a great country because of its history, its culture, its diversity, but above all, its people: Mexicans.

Mexican men and women, each of you, are the strongest, most valuable and most promising aspect of our country.

Every day, I spend time with dozens, hundreds, sometimes thousands of Mexicans and I see the future you are building through your efforts.

That effort is reflected in the dedication of the father who gets up early to begin a long workday; in the devotion of the mother who combines raising her children with a job; and in the creativity and capacity for innovation of young people; and in children’s enthusiasm and desire to get ahead.

It is because I witness your daily efforts that I view the future of Mexico with great optimism.

Another thing I have learned from every day of my mandate is that our most important value is unity.

Our history reminds us that when we have not been united, the country has suffered disasters that leave painful scars.

Lack of unity caused the loss of half our territory.

Lack of unity led to the imposition of a foreign emperor, unconcerned with our republican vocation.

Lack of unity caused a revolution that lasted for years, which caused one million deaths and destruction from which it took decades to recover.

Conversely, when Mexico has faced its challenges with unity, it has always triumphed. Throughout history, our most important reserve has been the unity of Mexicans.

In all families, we know that in order to solve a problem, the most important thing is to be united.

That unity is above differences and grievances. The unity goes beyond those differences and grievances to become the shield of a family, a community, and our nation.

The next two years will involve considerable challenges. One of them will be to establish a constructive relationship with the new government of the United States, our geographical neighbor and main trading partner.

The fundamental answer to that, and all our challenges is and will be unity. Unity comprises the efforts of each individual, the responsibility with which we do our work and that enormous value, the solidarity of all Mexicans.

Unity, of course, begins with the government doing its part. I'll be the first to confirm this unity.

“I will work hard every day of the two remaining years of this administration and I will ensure that my staff do their part.

I will defend the freedoms, rights and dignity of Mexicans, wherever they reside or are to be found.

Mexican men and women:

In these four years, I have sought to build a country that will provide more and better opportunities for our children and youth.

Until the very last day, I will continue working alongside all of you so that every Mexican can create his or own success story.

Every day, I will do my part to strengthen national unity and make it a source of a great, prosperous and just Mexico.