President Enrique Peña Nieto led the closing ceremony of the 112th IMSS Annual General Meeting, whose format broke with tradition: it projects the Institute’s digital transformation and innovation.

The current administration boasts an open, responsive and government that is close to the people; a government that listens to and responds to the population’s demands and is determined to improve the quality of life of all Mexicans.

Digital IMSS

  • The rapid technological progress obliges the government to improve processes and innovate
  • ICTs provide a historic opportunity to transform the Social Security care model, which the institute is leveraging.
  • A Digital IMSS frees up time, resources and spaces to improve the services its provides.
  • Digitization has enabled the shift from an IMSS with long lines to an IMSS with technological solutions.
  • Today, most procedures to affiliate new beneficiaries and collect worker-employer contributions can be done online.
  • In 2012, no procedure was electronic; today, 72% are carried out digitally.
  • Three out of four procedures can be completed online.

More and better services

  • Surgeries are performed at weekends, reducing the waiting time for patients who require this service.
  • Mandatory visits by pensioners to prove they are still alive have been eliminated.
  • The procedure for pregnant women who wish to be attended at private health institutions has been simplified.
  • PREVENIMSS, a model that has been adopted by all the social security and health sector institutions, has already yielded successful results.
  • Invaluable work has been performed in the fight against cervical and breast cancer.
  • A  one-of-a-kind Breast Cancer Clinic was opened in Mexico City, which will reduce diagnosis time from 6 months to 8 days.

Visionary initiatives

  • 6.6 million high school and college students were affiliated.
  • Waiting times to allocate hospital beds were reduced by 76%.
  • The Heart Attack Code, which is saving the lives of hundreds of patients, was created.

“As Mexicans, we should feel very proud of this great institution that belongs to all of us. This great institution serves three out of five Mexicans in terms of health care and the pension they receive”: EPN