President Enrique Peña Nieto received President of Italy Sergio Mattarella at the start of his state visit to Mexico.

Mexico is Italy’s second largest trading partner in Latin America, while Italy is Mexico’s tenth largest investor in the European Union.

Italy is Mexico’s third largest trading partner in the European Union. Mexico trades more than $6.7 billion USD a year, and today’s level of trade has enormous potential as a result of the structural changes both countries have implemented.

The two leaders agreed to establish a Joint Action Plan to prioritize and give direction to the Strategic Partnership.


1. Energy Cooperation in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency, biofuels, energy storage, sustainable exploration, hydrocarbon extraction and clean technologies.

2. In education, to increase cooperation between Mexican and Italian researchers, and achieve greater exchange between research centers in the two countries.

3. Administration of Justice. It was agreed to promote cooperation on issues such as police investigation and criminal analysis and combat money laundering, human trafficking and transnational organized crime.

4. In the field of Sport and Physical Culture, the development of human resources, physical activities, sports culture and the fight against discrimination and unsportsmanlike conduct will be promoted.

Italy is a country that excels in various sports and Mexico is determined to share these experiences, and training styles and methods, to enable our athletes in various disciplines to improve their performance.

5. Cultural, to intensify the joint efforts of both countries to show their rich artistic and cultural heritage. It was also agreed to increase the exchange of films produced in Italy and Mexico and work on movie co-production.

 “These are the agreements we have signed today, which join those signed in the past between the two countries, yet at a time when we are renewing the fraternal, cordial relationship and friendship that exists between Italy and Mexico.”: EPN