President Enrique Peña Nieto opened three polytechnic universities in the State of Coahuila.

The System of Polytechnic and Technological Universities allows students to receive knowledge to bring them up to date with the demands of labor markets; they provide quality education for employment.

These universities apply the Bis Model, which will gradually be extended to other universities of this kind in Mexico.

"Of course we face resistance, because nobody who was used to certain parameters or models, and perhaps benefited from them, is just going to accept the new models and paradigms that will drive change and development in the country. EPN

Bis Model

This educational model is:

  • Bilingual. The model that has been built to teach at these technological universities is the same and is standardized with other models followed in other, more developed countries.
  • Sustainable. They are being educated and trained so that the knowledge they acquire will ensure that the work they do is environmentally friendly.

Eight out of 10 young people studying at a Technological or Polytechnic University are the first in their families to have the opportunity to study a technological or college degree.

40 percent of engineering graduates from these universities are women.

At the beginning of this administration, in 2012, the level of high school coverage was 68 percent; today it is 79 percent. 

In the National Development Plan, the goal is to achieve 80 percent coverage by the end of this administration.

The aim is to, “Provide more higher education opportunities for young people who demand it, which is why technological and polytechnic universities have been promoted”: EPN