President Enrique Peña Nieto participated in the 14th edition of the Mexico Business Summit: “Discovering the New Technological Era”.

For almost a decade, this space has been a benchmark in the debate on the future of the economy and business.

The president highlighted the work of Miguel Alemán Velasco, not only because of his organization of this forum, but also because  of his permanent commitment to Mexico.

His vision and leadership in different companies have helped boost employment and activity in advanced sectors of the national economy.

Breaking paradigms

Structural reforms are showing that Mexico’s future is in the hands of Mexicans themselves:

Mexico is on the right track and has great prospects.

It has an excellent geographical location, creating a bridge between Latin America and North America; and Asia-Pacific and the Atlantic.

It has more than 120 million Mexicans, who are increasingly well trained and are playing a greater role in building the country, with the strength, talent and creativity characteristic of a country of young people.

The president outlined the achievements of recent months as a result of the reforms:

- The most ambitious fiscal package of the past nine years, in terms of budget balance, was discussed and approved. Within a highly complex environment, Congress and the president have shown joint responsibility.

PEMEX published a new Business Plan, making the company’s profits the main objective for the first time ever.

- To develop the energy sector, the third call was issued for Round Two, which awards contracts for onshore oil exploration and drilling.

- In telecommunications, in late October, invitations to tender for the construction and operation of the Shared Network advanced.  This will provide coverage for more than twice the number of Mexicans using the 4G networks currently operating.

- As regards education, last weekend, 11,000 teachers were evaluated in states such as Chiapas, with a 95% attendance rate.

- Over 3,800 km of highways and roads have been built and improved.

- This administration is revamping 12 access roads to the capital, with an investment of nearly 36 billion pesos.

- National and global companies continue to trust and invest in Mexico. One example is Toyota, which has begun construction of a new plant, designed to produce and export cars to the United States.

- The country now has historically low inflation rates.

- More jobs have been created than in any other administration. The IMSS announced today that an increase of over 171,000 formal jobs was registered in October, in other words, 17% more than the figure recorded during the same month in 2015.

- During this administration, 2.503 million new jobs have been created, almost triple the number created during the first four years of the previous administration (848,667 jobs).

- On the legislative front, in the last month, Congress passed laws that will transform labor justice, and make it more transparent; it has also received more than 30 applications for the post of the country’s first Anticorruption Prosecutor.

"These advances give Mexico reason to be optimistic. Let us have confidence in ourselves and the future we are building together”. EPN