President Enrique Peña Nieto led the Strengthening of the Food Network and Support event.

The great efforts that have been made to strengthen the country’s Food Supply Network are linked to two great institutions that the government has strengthened: DICONSA and LICONSA. 

Progress and Actions

There are Community Kitchens in schools, daycare centers, institutions such as the IMSS, ISSSTE, which have dining rooms in their nurseries.

The Social Development Secretariat has been forming a network of community kitchens, which now total five thousand and are run by over 60,000 Mexican volunteers.

More than half a million people have breakfast and lunch there every day.

The government is working to ensure that all Mexicans have opportunities for fulfillment and better welfare, by creating the conditions so they can find a job that will provide them with a better income.

What has been done?

The studies of those who, at some stage in their lives, dropped out of elementary or high school, have been accredited. A great effort has been made to trace and identify these people, and to train and certify them, so that once they have their elementary or middle school certificates, they will be able to secure better jobs.

- Through Childcare Facilities, children from an early age can receive preschool education, because it is essential that children, from the age or two or three, receive this education and are certified so that they can continue with their studies after elementary and middle school.

“Mexico is a country which, throughout this attempt to recognize efforts made in the past by several generations, has taken up the baton and promoted a structural change from the scenario we had before, as a result of which we are undoubtedly growing as a nation.

Today, as never before, jobs are being created. And it is thanks to the efforts that have been made and the reforms that have been undertaken, that major investments have been attracted to create jobs”: EPN

- Over two million jobs have been created so far this administration. Never before had so many jobs been created in the same period of almost four years, in any other administration.

- The reduction of the rates of LP gas, consumed by nearly 90 million Mexicans. It is part of the implementation of the Energy Reform, which has led to competition, and today, as a result of allowing free imports of LPG, there is more competition and prices have fallen.

With this 10% reduction, a family buying a gas cylinder, which used to cost in the order of 290 pesos, will be paying 261 pesos.

- The electricity tariff paid by the vast majority of Mexicans, almost 99 percent of Mexican households, has not increased. On the contrary, since Energy Reform came into force, real prices have fallen by nearly 10%.

- Today all the families benefiting from the PROSPERA program, comprising more than 6 million and impacting 25 million Mexicans, are linked to the Labor Secretariat, which has made it a priority to attend the children of these families, so that they can secure a job.

“We often focus on the bad news, which seem to be common or more striking, and we forget or ignore the good news, which is very important and positively impacts the lives of Mexican families. EPN