President Enrique Peña Nieto will pay a state visit to Germany on April 11 and 12, which represents an opportunity for Mexico to open up new areas of cooperation in investment, energy, health, education, culture and tourism as well as science and technology.

This will be the first state visit President Enrique Peña Nieto will pay to Germany and the fifth meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

He will also meet with President of Germany Joachim Gauck for the first time to launch the Dual Mexico-Germany Year, an initiative to promote better understanding between the two nations through artistic, scientific and gastronomic activities with a view to strengthening links between the two countries.

Mexico in Germany and Germany in Mexico

This state visit will make it possible to shift from an already positive relationship to a strategic alliance known as the Alliance for the Future.

·        Through this partnership, we are building a strong relationship with one of the most prosperous nations in the world, which will bear fruit for decades," declared Coordinator of Social Communication of the President’s Office and Government Spokesman Eduardo Sánchez Hernández.

·         The Dual Mexico-Germany Year will give greater visibility to our country in cultural, academic and scientific matters, and allow both societies to get to know and appreciate each other more. 

Germany is Mexico’s largest trading partner among the European Union countries and its fifth largest worldwide.

In Mexico, there are 1,835 thousand companies with German investment, which create 120,000 direct jobs.

This state visit will translate into better and greater opportunities for Mexicans in employment, culture, education and trade.”