The state visit to Denmark by President Enrique Peña Nieto concluded on Thursday. During a dinner of reciprocity, the Mexican president expressed his gratitude for the reception.


"Having had the opportunity to meet you personally, I am convinced that one of the elements that explain this collective happiness is having Your Majesty Queen Margrethe II as head of state. Danes value your intelligence and leadership, sensitivity and humanism.

The Mexican president highlighted the work on behalf of arts and culture in Denmark, especially through the study of the extraordinary Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen, whose work is part of world heritage.


"We will take your affection and warmth, creativity and vision of life away with us from this visit. In each of the activities conducted in these two days, we were able to see the friendship and links between Danes and Mexicans.”


Bilateral instruments


The signing of various bilateral instruments during this state visit confirms the will for dialogue and cooperation of both governments.


1. The Specific Cooperation Agreement between the Mexican Ministry of Health and the Danish Ministry of Health to Strengthen Primary Care through the Implementation of the Comprehensive Health Care Model, which promotes the exchange of practices favoring primary health care.


2. Cooperation Agreement on Diabetes Training for Personnel in the Primary Care Sector in Mexico, between the Mexican Ministry of Health, the University of Copenhagen and the Odense University Hospital of Denmark. The agreement promotes technical cooperation in the treatment of diabetes.


3. Memorandum of Understanding between the Mexican Ministry of the Interior and the Danish Institute for Human Rights to Support the Design of the “National Program for Mexican Firms and Human Rights.” 


4. Letter of Intent between the Mexican Ministry of Energy and the Danish Ministry for Energy, Utilities and Climate on Energy Cooperation, which encourages the exchange of best practices and technical support in this field.