President Enrique Peña Nieto launched the 2016 National Mexican Red Cross Collection earlier today. This year, the goal is to collect more than 350 million pesos, through the participation of federal, state and municipal governments, private enterprise and Mexican society.
The funds collected will be invested for the direct benefit of Mexicans, as with the 80 ambulances and specialized urban rescue units put into operation today.

For 106 years, the Mexican Red Cross has been a symbol of unity, solidarity and generosity. Since 1910, it has accompanied Mexico in its toughest challenges: earthquakes, explosions, hurricanes and floods, as well as in everyday life, helping those who suffer from diseases or accidents.

“The Annual Red Cross Collection is very symbolic. It reminds us that it is through the sum of individual efforts that major national progress is achieved. It reminds us that the unity of Mexicans around shared objectives is essential for writing a better future for all.”

A small action, such as making a donation, no matter what size, has a great impact that helps save lives.  

Recent actions:

·        In 2015, more than 5.9 million medical services were provided through its ambulances, together with 1.4 million emergency care services. 

·        Every year, the Red Cross supports communities suffering the ravages of nature. It contributes to saving lives at times of adversity and helps people recover.

·        The Red Cross was prepared to help Mexicans during the threat of Hurricane Patricia, the most powerful in history; and it dealt with the effects of the tornado in Ciudad Acuña and the severe winter season, which hit several regions of the country.

·        They delivered more than 500 tons of humanitarian aid, benefiting more than 110,000 men, women and children. 

·        It is expanding its actions to include illness and accident prevention. Prevention is always better than cure, and this is a principle and a culture, which we must confirm and instill in our society. 

·        It signed an agreement with the SEP and the National Union of Education Workers, to provide teachers with first aid training, which will enable them to assist their students in the event of an emergency.

·        Joint work between the Mexican Red Cross and the government is being strengthened, as is already happening in the National Council of Civil Protection and the National Health Council.

The Red Cross is a clear example of how it is possible to mobilize society in favor of health and accident prevention.

“The time has come for all Mexicans to mobilize on behalf of the Red Cross. It is time to give it back a little of all that it gives society. It's time to support those who support us. This year, the goal is to collect more than 350 million pesos; which I am sure we will be able to achieve together.”