President Enrique Peña Nieto, instructed the Secretaries of the Interior, Social Development, and Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development to maintain close coordination with the local governments of the states affected by Hurricane Earl and tropical storm Javier to provide maximum support, not only to the families who lost a loved one, but also to the population that reported damage and lost its assets.

Actions have been taken to undertake the corresponding censuses in scattered parts of the state, so that the population receives the corresponding support and aid.

· The president expressed his solidarity with families who unfortunately lost a loved one as a result of these natural phenomena.

“Since this event was forecast, we alerted the population, set up the corresponding shelters and took actions in close coordination with the local authorities of the various states where this natural phenomenon occurred.”

The population are urged to pay heed to the alerts issued by Civil Protection mechanisms to remain safe and take the necessary measures to cope with these natural phenomena.