In Mexico, nearly 10% of the population is over 60; in our country, there are currently over 12 million seniors.

President Enrique Peña Nieto highlighted the four actions the government is undertaking to protect this sector:

First Action. Transformation of the “70 plus” into the “65 and over” program and creation of the Senior Citizens’ Program, which supports 5.5 million beneficiaries who do not have social security, which constitutes 100 percent of the population in this situation.

Second Action. Through the National Crusade Against Hunger, 60,000 seniors have breakfast and lunch at soup kitchens across the country.

Third Action. The PROSPERA Program provides 16,000 senior citizens with monthly financial support and health and nutrition actions.

Fourth Action. The Creation of a Productive Liaison Program run by the National Institute of Senior Citizens.

Through these actions, the government, in conjunction with society, is working to achieve a culture of respect, recognition and gratitude towards senior citizens.