President  Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the San Pablo del Monte General Hospital.

Bringing health services closer is crucial to improving Mexicans’ quality of life.
The government is working on three key objectives in health:

First: Expand the health service infrastructure to bring hospitals and outpatient centers closer to the population.

A total of 640 hospital units and nearly 3000 outpatient units have been built during this administration.

Second: Improve health care quality.

The president declared that hospitals have been modernized  and provided with better equipment.

Third: Ensure that the various medical units have sufficient doctors and nurses.

Efforts are underway to ensure better distribution and more recruitment of medical personnel to staff the centers that have been built and modernized and will continue to be built in the coming years.

“What matters is how much Mexicans’ health as improved, according to various indicators”: EPN

  • He said that an average of one million people are attended every day at a clinic or hospital in the countrys’ health sector.
  • An average of over 4,500 births are attended every day.
  • 10,000 surgeries are performed.
  • Infant and maternal mortality have also been reduced.

“These are the figures. This is what this effort to bring health to Mexicans and ensure their health involves.

And that is what this government is doing: making health a top-priority issue. And that is where we have avoided, as far as as possible, making cuts and adjustments, because this is a priority for the government”: EPN