President Enrique Peña Nieto delivered the Villa Victoria Rowing and Canoeing Course, and Maria Guadalupe González Romero State of Mexico Square, named in honor of the silver medalist at the Rio Olympics 2016.

During the current administration, 3,400 spaces for recreation and sport have been built throughout the country.

“This proves the government’s commitment and goal of ensuring that our youth will have more spaces for recreation and playing sport”: EPN

The delivery of these two important works in Villa Victoria in the State of Mexico achieves two purposes:

  • The facilities have been improved and renovated for the benefit of local families and tourists, and will make it possible to leverage the region’s tourism and economic potential.
  • Villa Victoria has been globally projected in sports. It opens the doors for more athletes from various countries to come to train, as they already do in other parts of the state, in various disciplines.


Behind every government investment, there are people who benefit directly and families whose lives are changed.

Since public works like the one today delivered help people have better horizons, the government will continue to team up and join forces with state authorities.

Between January 2013 and August 2016, over 3,400 parks, sports centers and squares have been rehabilitated, benefiting 11 million people.

I’m sure this canoeing and rowing course will elicit several positive comments about Mexico, because our rowing and canoeing athletes will project Mexico, because we now have more and better spaces to play this sport”: EPN.