President Enrique Peña Nieto visited the Rodolfo Menéndez Elementary School in the heart of Mexico City.

This school forms part of the 100% Schools Program, designed to improve the quality of school infrastructure across the country.

The Rodolfo Menéndez School will involve an investment of nearly three million pesos, to be spent on the refurbishment and structural safety of the buildings as well as the repair of the school’s toilets and multipurpose areas.

During the second stage, drinking fountains will be built and accessibility and administrative areas will be improved.

Finally, it will join the Full-time Schools Program, be equipped with a cafeteria and increase its library stock.

The Rodolfo Menéndez School is a model of what the government wishes to achieve through Education Reform: more and better trained teachers, participatory parents, decent facilities and access to new technologies.