President Enrique Peña Nieto toured in the municipality of Huauchinango, Puebla, which suffered the effects of two natural phenomena.

The government  is supporting  reconstruction efforts, following the damage caused to much of the infrastructure, especially communications. Several roads and highways were damaged by landslides while other services were also obstructed and affected.

“We must form a common front in a very pragmatic, resolute and determined way. I think that we can work, and we are already doing so in a very coordinated way. I simply urge you to do so as quickly as possible in order to restore the population to normal conditions as soon as possible.” EPN

An evaluation meeting was held with the state governor and the federal and state government  authorities to take stock of what has happened in the state of Puebla to define which actions must be taken.

The heads of the government agencies will work on three fronts:

1) Assisting the families affected to enable them to return to their everyday activities as soon as possible. Through the Social Development Secretariat, support, temporary jobs are already being provided.

2) Supporting the reconstruction of dwellings that were partially or totally affected,  with the support of municipal and state governments in locating land to  build new homes outside risk areas. The Civil Protection department will locate areas where homes can no longer be rebuilt because of the danger, in order to relocate families that used to live there to safer area.

3) Expediting the reconstruction of damaged infrastructure. Resources from the Natural Disaster Fund (FONDEN) will be used to undertake reconstruction work.

The Secretariat of Agrarian Development, Territorial and Urban (SEDATU) will be responsible for supporting housing reconstruction. To date, 300 dwellings are estimated to have been affected; some were destroyed and others may collapse.

Through CONAGUA, the National Water Commission, water purification devices are already operating to guarantee a water supply for those who lost this service. 

“The heads of several government agencies are already working to ensure that things here in Huauchinango, and other municipalities in the state of Puebla, return to normal.

I hope you are safe, well looked after and our greatest solidarity to all of you; you have our full support.” EPN