President Enrique Peña Nieto thanked the Mexican delegation and Paralympic medalists who participated  in Río de Janeiro 2016 on their remarkable performance at the Olympics.

The president reiterated his support for the athletes, adding that his government is committed to sport.

The 69 members of the delegation participated in nine disciplines, winning 15 medals: four gold, two silver and nine bronze.

Forty percent were in the top five places in the competitions in which they participated, and 75 percent were in the top eight places in all competitions.

Although one person participated in the Paralympics for the sixth time, nearly half of the delegation did so for the first time. 

President Peña Nieto instructed the Secretariat of Education and the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sport (CONADE) to establish a system whereby coaches and multidisciplinary teams will also have support which will give them certainty and motivation.

Paralympians will receive the same financial recognition as those who compete in conventional sports.

Coaches, multidisciplinary teams and Paralympians will also receive more support.

“Let us reward the effort and achievement that our athletes, and those behind them, have achieved by representing our country in an extremely dignified fashion”: EPN

Knowledge and the application of science and research must also be at the service of sport to achieve better results.

“In Rio 2016, the Mexican Paralympic delegation acted with tremendous courage, and commitment, and very meritorious and satisfactory results for Mexico”. EPN