President Enrique Peña Nieto, accompanied by his wife, Angélica Rivera de Peña, led the Ceremony of Promotions of the Presidential General Staff (PGS) 2016.

“It is a privilege to shake hands with those who have stood out because of their unblemished record, proven professional capacity and unquestioning loyalty and commitment,” he said. EPN

This is a collective triumph. It is a recognition of the good performance of your superiors who have had the vision and conviction to guide you on the path of self-betterment with a sense of duty,” he added.

The President made special mention of General Roberto Miranda Moreno, who was promoted to major general on November 20.

“A man with absolute loyalty to the president who has accompanied me”: EPN

EMP tasks

  • Without your support, it would be impossible to undertake hundreds of activities that require the president's presence.
  • In all inaugurations of infrastructure works; meetings with governors; Mexico's representation at international summits and visits by world leaders, the Presidential General Staff play a key role.
  • Thanks to their elite training, they are able to safeguard the president’s integrity.
  • Thanks to their careful planning, they are able to ensure the logistic efficiency of each working trip.
  • Their administrative performance make it possible to maintain the presidential investiture.

“I wish to express to the entire Presidential General Staff, my permanent gratitude and my appreciation on behalf of my family and myself as president, for the task they perform every day with commitment, loyalty and efficiency,” EPN