Presidential General Staff Day was established on February 18, 2013 to strengthen the bonds of cohesion and identity of the personnel and make their actions known among the people of Mexico.

It originated on February 18, 1913, when the General Staff showed their loyalty to Francisco I. Madero by opposing the coup organized by Victoriano Huerta. 

Captains Gustavo Garmendia and Federico Montes risked their lives to defend President Madero from Victoriano Huerta’s attempted coup.

During the defense, Captain Gustavo Garmendia declared, “No-one is to touch the president.”

President Enrique Peña Nieto acknowledged their everyday dedication, loyalty and daily efforts to fulfill the lofty mission with which Mexico has entrusted them. 

"They are men and women who daily fulfill their lofty mission, under the unshakable principles of loyalty and patriotism.” 

Presidential General Staff Mission

·        The mission of the Presidential  General Staff is to ensure the safety of the Mexican president and his family. It also protects former presidents and other personalities assigned to it by the president.

·        It is responsible for the security of the official events in which the president participates.

·        It undertakes intelligence and counterintelligence activities as required.

·        It coordinates the maintenance, preservation and restoration of the presidential facilities.

·        It is responsible for managing and operating the air fleet of the president’s office and ensuring optimum logistics for the president's activities inside and outside the country.

The presidential general staff comprises 2,865 elements:

10 generals

26 Mexico City policemen

30 federal police officers.

181 chiefs

367 civilians

774 officers

1,477 troop members