Earlier today, President Enrique Peña Nieto, delivered the expansion and renovation of Terminal 3 at Cancún International Airport. This new terminal is part of this transformative process that the government is promoting.

"I am delighted to have the opportunity and distinction to be here, inaugurating this terminal that forms part of these transformations that the government is promoting.

The infrastructure that has been built in this area, promoted by both local, state and municipal governments and other areas of the Administration, have a significant impact on the country’s projection.”

Cancún International Airport, the country’s second largest and the one with the highest number of operations in the country, may reach an operating level almost equal to that of Mexico City Airport.


Some of the benefits of the enlargement and remodeling of Terminal 3:

1. The 1.026 billion peso investment means that users will enjoy more spacious, comfortable and functional facilities. 

2. the capacity of the terminal will be increased by 66%, from 6 to 10 million passengers per year (7,000 passengers per hour).

3. This terminal will handle most of the international operations of airlines from North America and Europe.

4. Cancún International Airport as a whole will serve 23 million passengers a year; 64% more than in 2012. 

5. Mexico has much to offer and we are increasingly well prepared for tourists, both domestic and foreign, to enjoy its natural, cultural and gastronomic richness.

“What this government is doing and encouraging joins what previous generations have done. But together we are achieving the construction of a better nation.. We are building a new reality for present and future generations.”