This year marks the 70th anniversary of the first prize-giving ceremony for leading representatives of art and science.  

Mexico values the creativity and thinking of artists and intellectuals and recognizes the rigor and innovation of researchers and scientists.

The advanced ideas of intellectuals have been instrumental in promoting Mexico’s democratic life.

Mexican scientists contribute to consolidating a Knowledge Society, and creating their own technologies.

This year’s winners are:

Linguistics and Literature: writer Felipe Garrido, poet David Huerta and linguist Yolanda Lastra.

Fine Arts: sculptor Sebastián, architect Fernando López Carmona and lead actor Ignacio López Tarso.

History, Social Sciences and Philosophy: researcher Armando Garcia de León.

Physical and Mathematical and Natural Sciences: health researcher Jorge Alcocer and scientist Fernando del Río.

Technology, Innovation and Design: Enrique Galindo, for his work in industrial biotechnology and Raul Rojas, for his research in Mechatronics.

Folk Arts and Traditions: the musical group Los Folkloristas and Victorina López Hilario, for recovering the waist loom.