President Enrique Peña Nieto presented two Argentine figures with the Order of the Aztec Eagle, whose work to strengthen ties between Argentina and Mexico has been exemplary.

Hernán Santiago Lombardi has been one of the best known figures in the cultural sector of Argentina in the past 15 years. As Minister of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, he has been an active promoter of Mexican culture.

Through a proactive dialogue with the Mexican Embassy in Argentina, he achieved a successful link between tourism promotion and the agenda for the cultural development of the capital, which was built around the recovery of public spaces.

Adriana Rosenberg is a professional who has dedicated her life to promoting art and culture in its many expressions, as head of the Proa Foundation in the traditional district of La Boca.

She is a connoisseur and lover of Mexican art, from archeology to contemporary expressions and has worked hard to publicize the wealth of pre-Columbian civilizations established in what is now Mexico.

She has also fostered an appreciation for modern art through the works of artists such as Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo and Frida Kahlo; mid-20th century painters such as Julio Galán and contemporary artists such as Jorge Méndez Blake.

Her work includes the development of partnerships with collectors and public institutions in Mexico, which enabled her to position the Proa Foundation as one of the main promoters of Mexican art and culture in Argentina.

“Adriana and Hernán are essential pillars of the democratization of culture, which they have made an instrument of individual and social transformation.

And through this effort, they have managed to bring the heritage of Mexican culture to the heart of the Argentine people.”