March 21 is a memorable date for Mexicans, marking the birth of one of the greatest heroes of the republic: President Benito Juárez, a symbol of the law and national dignity.

“Juárez, together with a generation of prominent liberals, strengthened the republican regime, by promoting the secular state, supported Mexicans’ freedoms and rights and stoutly defended the nation from foreign invasion.

Through his life and his work, President Juárez taught us a great lesson: that the law and the rule of law are essential to the progress of society.”

Juárez’s legacy remains in force, which is why the government is working, with determination and commitment, to ensure legality and the rule of law throughout the country.

In this collective effort, Mexico has invaluable support from the loyalty and patriotism of its Armed Forces; institutions that protect Mexico and Mexicans every day.

Unconditional, institutional loyalty

The presence and operational deployment throughout the country of the armed forces has allowed society to return to normal, everyday life, especially in the regions that were most affected by violence. With decisive actions and precise operations, they have invariably demonstrated their strength and capacity.

“Today we recognize military units in the Army, Navy and Air Force, who have excelled in fulfilling the missions with which they have been tasked. On receiving their well-earned awards today, they have become an example to follow for their comrades in arms, and a source of pride for their families, who are their main support and strength.” 

Soldiers, pilots and marines of Mexico, in order to wear the military uniform and insignia, each one of you had to overcome several challenges that tested your mettle, character and determination.

To get to where you are now, in addition to strict training and discipline, you required a deep conviction of service and love for Mexico.

For all these reasons, I recognize your everyday efforts, I appreciate your behavior governed by the highest values and principles. You make an outstanding group of Mexicans, which preserves and enriches the heritage and tradition of honor of our military institutions.

Always bear in mind, that as the first defenders of the nation, you are also the first to be obliged to act in strict accordance with the law and with full respect for human rights.”